At Silverstone we want to do our small bit to reduce landfill, and clean our planet and oceans of damaging waste. We have introduced out first product made from upcycled materials from landfill and ocean waste offering end to end recycling. The Silverstone British Grand Prix Cap is made from 25% organic cotton, 40% recycled landfill plastic and 35% ocean recycled plastic.

Spanish fisherman collect the waste from the surrounding seas, oceans and waterways which then goes to the recycling centres to be turned into ‘RPET’ before moving onto the fabric mills where it’s turned into yarn and blended with organic cotton. The resulting fabric is what we have used to produce the Silverstone Grand Prix Cap.

The Cap is Limited Edition and designed for the British Grand Prix 2020 to celebrate the two races, behind closed doors. 

Its Limited Edition, when the stock has sold out it wont be repeated 

Available in adult and child sizes 


SKU: 11483